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Tag: glass jewellery cabinet

With the rapid development of jewelry industry, more and more jewelry products continue to emerge. Fierce competition to promote the overall level of the jewelry industry has greatly improved. A new style of jewelry more first stars emerge in an endless stream, upstart jewelry brand. Jewelry store design is no longer rigidly stick to the traditional mode, glass jewelry showcase material become more upscale,glass jewelry showcase design ideas emerge in an endless stream.
The devil is in the details,FM store fixtures talk about the details of jewelry display showcase:
1.Jewelry showcase paint:paint without impurities, no flow paint, no bubbles, no cracks, thick film, good texture.
2.Jewelry Showcase: glass adhesive bonding adhesive, no watermark, no bubble.
3.Jewelry showcase lighting: bright enough heating and affordable, no dead angle lighting;
4.Jewelry Showcase: soft smooth, especially the four corners without folds;
5.Jewelry showcase mirror: no mirror nail;
6.Jewelry showcase hardware:Free opening and closing, moderate elastic and durable
7.Stainless steel jewelry showcase: planer processing, thick flat, no fingerprints.
[FM store fixture manufacturer] FM store fixture manufacturer is a professional customized factory can custom made all kinds of display showcase, we has 15 years of industry experience and an excellent design team. Welcome to have a visit in our factory. The main customized product: Jewelry Showcase, cosmetics showcase, clothes showcase, watch display showcase,bag and shoes display showcase and so on.


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