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  • Choose customised showcase should not only depands on the price
    Post time: 07-04-2016

     We know that most of the showcase in the market are customized products. Especially jewelry display cases, cosmetic display stand, merchant usually find professional design companies to do high-end customization. So choose a good showcase custom manufacturers is very important. At present, many ...Read more »

  • How to choose acrylic cosmetic display stand?
    Post time: 07-01-2016

     Acrylic cosmetic display is used to display items. As the production of cosmetics display props, acrylic cosmetic display is very beautiful. Stylish appearance, bright and colorful patterns of acrylic display frame for cosmetics sales play a very important role. Of course, not all of the acrylic...Read more »

  • The necessity of enterprise brand marketing
    Post time: 06-27-2016

    The necessity of enterprise brand marketing Japanese entrepreneurs have a saying “no planning, no business”.The formation of a brand, it is not accidental,almost every successful brand has a series of elaborate marketing planning.Under the condition of modern market economy, it is an inevit...Read more »

  • Jewelry showcase manufacturer-how to manufacture a jewelry kiosk?
    Post time: 06-27-2016

    jewelry Kiosk is one of the most important type in jewelry showcase manufacturer, it is the main form of jewelry display. Kiosk showcase’s quality is the main reason which can influence jewelry showcase sales . How to manufacturer high-quality Jewelry kiosk showcase? Following are some opinions f...Read more »

  • Jewelry Display showcase design should be concise
    Post time: 06-26-2016

    Jewelry Display showcase design should be concise Showcase design needs to be thoughtful and comprehensive. When passing the showcase showcase design project, we shouldn’t change it easily. Especially don’t change during production. Changes may delay construction, increase costs, and even a...Read more »

  • How to manage the clothing store?
    Post time: 06-21-2016

    1, uniform color matching. clothing store design The same color of clothes put together will give people a very comfortable feeling, pay attention to the same color with the same style, the same style, thesame length of the place, so as not to make people feel like warehouse. 2, contrast color ma...Read more »

  • Jewelry showcase how to transport it safely?
    Post time: 06-13-2016

    As a Jewelry showcase of luxury goods and fashion goods carrier, jewelry showcase in the showcase type is one of the highest technological requirements. So no matter in the plate, process or process standards are extremely harsh. Even in the choice of showcase design and production company is ve...Read more »

  • The necessity of enterprise brand marketing
    Post time: 06-13-2016

    Japanese entrepreneurs have a saying “no planning, no business”.The formation of a brand, it is not accidental,almost every successful brand has a series of elaborate marketing planning.Cosmetic display stnad Under the condition of modern market economy, it is an inevitable choice for enter...Read more »

  • Unified thought of jewelry display showcase
    Post time: 06-13-2016

    Jewelry display showcase production also need keep the unity with showcase design, in order to create a sense of tidy in the shop.   Tidiness give people a sense of comfort,To create a comfortable environment in which to complete the consumption activities,So consumers may feel that come int...Read more »

  • How to do waterproof for Jewelry Showcase
    Post time: 06-12-2016

    Whether it is a metal dispaly showcase, glass display showcase or wooden showcase , the water is their enemy.Usually people will use the water to clean the stains on the showcase. But people do not know the most serious damage on showcase exactly due to the regular cleaning of two or three times ...Read more »

  • The purchasing process of Showcase
    Post time: 06-01-2016

    1 . Showcase Design First of all customer need contact a professional showcase manufacturer,  then providing prefer style and similar pictures to showcase designer. The designer should get the area size, then designer should according to customer’s requirement to do design. When customer recieved...Read more »

  • General introduction of display showcase
    Post time: 06-01-2016

    Showcase is mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, boutiques and other stores to display and storage products. Display showcase pay attention to beautiful and unique appearance, practical function, and it have obvious advertising effect in order to achieve a better profit, to provid...Read more »

  • How to choose the jewelry showcase manufacturer?
    Post time: 06-01-2016

    First of all,you should pay attention to the design,Design style should be simple and generous,In the process avoiding the complex. The industry of showcase is full Handmade , it is beautiful , simple operation, and strong practicality is the most important. Professional craft material: 1, if the...Read more »

  • clothing racks
    Post time: 06-01-2016

    Definition of clothing racks:  It is a rack for clothes,The clothes rack is used for display clothing.In order to attract the attention of customers to stimulate customer purchase desire.The clothing rack art has a long history.With the development of fashion brands, clothing rack design from tex...Read more »

  • Maintenance Tips for Display Showcase
    Post time: 06-01-2016

    After storefront renovation completed, the store opened for business. At this time, make a reasonable maintenance is very important, each store will greatly reduce the maintenance rate when you know these tips: 1.the new showcase need regular cleaning, because there are still some residual glue a...Read more »


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