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What factors will affect the price of display cabinets?

 Have had to buy a display shelf experienced procurement staff will have a feeling, why store fixtures looks like a humble, the price will be so high? Why the same size of the display cabinet because of different materials, its price is different? In fact, the issue of the price of the display cabinet, not only buyers are concerned about it, the manufacturer is also very concerned about it. So, what are the factors that affect the price of display cabinets?

jewelry display showcase

Effect of fixed cost on price
The high or low cost is the most important factor that can not be ignored. Here the cost is mainly refers to the labor cost and material cost. With the current economic level of rising labor costs in the proportion of enterprises in the production of more and more high, rising wages of workers have also been destined to the production of the labor cost of the product distribution rose. In terms of materials, different drawing sizes and materials required to use different hardware, lighting, decoration and production of structural materials, the difference between the material also caused the difference in the price of the finished product.
Effect of cost on price
The main factors that affect the price of the display cases include installation and transportation costs. In the mall installed display cabinet is usually a race against time, the installation of the installation of workers is very time-consuming, without the cost of installation of a few hundred dollars is Xiabu Lai, catch up with the complex design and installation of complex showcase the installation fee is expensive. Display cabinets from manufacturers to businesses stores are generally to go through the transportation of goods, logistics costs are not possible to avoid, as to the difference between the level of the region to look at.
Effect of profit on price
Always want to showcase manufacturing profits, as control display cabinets price profit depends on the attitude of the manufacturer. As a labor-intensive industry, the production of large quantities of production display cabinet general control of the profit is low, if a single production, then its profit is great.

jewelry display showcase

Post time: Nov-16-2016


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