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UNIQLO launches 4 maternity clothing in Japan, will China be its next target market?



Linkshop News: on the end of last month(August, 28), UNIQLO officially announced to enter the maternity clothing field. It has sold 4 different styles in about 220 large domestic stores in Japan, priced between 790 yen and 3990 yen. And they will be launched in overseas stores since 11st, September.


According to Japanese news media, this is the first time for UNIQLO set up specifically for pregnant women’s clothing line. UNIQLO hopes to strengthen the type of goods to attract new customers, expand the scope of its target customers, thus driving sales performance.


In respect of product design, in case that swollen pregnant women have a sense of tightening, UNIQLO elastic jeans and other new products will expand the bottom of the trousers. At the same time, the size of the waistband of jeans and render shorts can also be adjusted at any time. Leggings and underwear are made of elastic material, formfitting but not tight.


In addition, UNIQLO also expands the baby products category. In July, it launched 4 kinds of goods, including 50-60cm underwear and bibs for newborns, priced between 590 to 1500 yen.


UNIQLO opened a children’s clothing line in 2012, launching baby clothing for more than three months, and now further expand the types of baby products, it’s also optimistic practice about the future of the mother and child market.


First of all, Japan has entered the aging, in order that the community can operate normally, provoked by a series of government policy, the population will meet baby boom in the future .At that time, UNIQLO has already had a certain basis in baby industry, naturally can go with the flow.


Moreover, even if the current demand for local Japanese baby market is not large, but other countries which are currently in the peak of the birth diametrically opposite. Especially China, as the largest market of UNIQLO outside Japan, has been fully open the two-child policy, the birth population of 2016 has reached 17.86 million people. Besides, the current China young parents who enters into the baby boom are mostly the only child born in the 1980s, generally well educated, higher quality of life requirements, pay more attention to the concept of childbearing. This also provides UNIQLO with the basic conditions for developing a pregnant baby market.


By the end of May this year, UNIQLO has opened 540 stores in about 120 cities in China. On the base that it usually opens 80-100 stores every year in China before, not long ago, UNIQLO also said that it will accelerate its speed of opening stores in the next 2 to 3 years, planning to increase to 1000 stores in 2020, which is expected to catch up with the number of Japan domestic stores.

Post time: Sep-06-2017


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