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Theory Women’s wear launch 2.0 version, the biggest change is the way employees work

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Theory 2.0 came

Theory started with jeans in 1997, Theory which has launched its new 2.0 version in the 20th anniversary, the first capsule series appear in 18th,July. From the appearance point of view, they are still suitable for weekdays or work wear basic models, but in the fabric, Theory pay more attention on the “sustainable development” concept, the label shows the fabric are of recyclable material. In addition, it is more convenient to wash these clothes, they can be directly thrown into the washing machine. The price is also slightly down.

But the biggest change is the series of working ways behind the way. Over the past years, Theory has formed one new team, made from 28 young people, among them are 23 women. They come from the commodity, design, planning, retail, manufacturing, IT and other departments etc., to create this series, rather than everyone in the past have a clear division of labor, perform their duties.

“People from different departments work together for every piece of clothing and every process of the project, which is an unique experience that we work outside of our traditional division of labor,” Theory’s senior purchasing Jacqueline Holden said. They may also be involved in the store’s retail process.

Andrew Rosen, founder and CEO of Theory, believes that this is what the young people are now working with, and the future of Theory. This working way “gives young employees what they need for autonomy and space to carry out their ideas for future Theory and for future fashion.”

Theory2.0 will be a continuous project, they will launch a new type every three months, without fashion show, and adopt Direct to Customer marketing model, being sold both in the official website and direct sales outlets. The first capsule series are in the market in 6 stores in the United States, 4 stores in Japan, 4 stores in China, 4 stores in South Korea, 2 stores in Europe.

At the same time, men’s series still follow the traditional fashion week schedule, but the creative director has changed. On the New York Men’s Week, Theory shows the first series of creative director Martin Andersson who was hired from COS, with the theme “New American Uniform”, which is brighter in color and younger. Andersson says it wants to make a connection with now formal and sportswear.

Theory is currently owned by the Japanese fast sales group, Andrew Rosen still served as CEO. his income of $ 1 billion in 2016.

Post time: Jul-19-2017


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