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The world’s first shared bookstore was opened in Hefei, to achieve reading information sharing

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Linkshop News: On July 16, the world’s first sharing bookstore – Anhui Xinhua Distribution Group’s Hefei three filial piety bookstore officially unveiled.


It is understood that the sharing bookstores will rely on its three filial piety bookstore original book resources to achieve the transformation and upgrading of reading services, it will help readers eliminate reading costs, reduce the reading threshold, improve the reading frequency by subversive transformation of business model, All books in bookstore are fully utilized and efficient. Besides, by the operation of the sharing bookstore, we can achieve the information sharing between people and people, bookstores and readers, publishing and distribution.


In the three filial bookstore, we just need use the phone to download “wisdom study” APP, registered and pay a deposit of 99 RMB, sweep the back of the bar code, then we can bring books back home directly. According to the rules of the store, you can borrow the total price of not more than 150 RMB of books every time, the limitation of free reading time is 10 days, as long as you return on schedule, then the borrowing books is of unlimited times, and the deposit can be refunded at any time.


After the opening, the bookstore service staff will turn from the previous sales identity to the user’s exclusive reading consultant, in the purpose of “provide the readers personalized, professional, accurate reading service” , giving customers a more professional reading guidance.

Post time: Jul-21-2017


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