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The revenue of LANCY rose 123.67% in first half year, baby and beauty clinic series contributed the majority


Linkshop News: On the evening of August 21, LANCY Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “LANCY”, stock code: 002612) announced its earnings of first half of the 2017. During the period, the company achieved revenue of 1.057 billion, rising by 123.67% over the same period of last year; operating profit is 49.8733 million, rising by 42.17%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies rose 41.35%, that’s 54.2992 million. It is mainly due to seven new merging in the third quarter of last year.


At present, LANCY main business has been extended from the high-end women clothing to green baby and medical beauty and other pan-fashion business. It owns 8 different positioning of the women’s brand, respectively, 4 independent brands: LANCY FROM 25, LIME FLARE, marien ° mary and liaalancy; and 4 agent brands: MOJO S.PHINE, JIGOTT, FABIANA FILIPPI and DEWL.

The eight brands of women support each other, sharing resources, covering a wide and deep marketing center. At the end of the reporting period, a total of 437 sales terminals, located in the domestic large-scale high-end shopping malls, SHOPPINGMALL, cultivating a loyal, stable, large customer base, now the VIP customers has reached 168,300.

At the same time, in 2014 the listed company AGABANG (South Korea well known children’s clothing)invested by 310 million also contributed 0.43 billion during the period, accounting for 40.69% of operating income. Compared to LANCY women’s 0.501 million revenue, there is 6.75 percents difference.


It is reported that the brand products cover 0-4 years old children’s clothing, supplies, skin care products, toys and other children’s growth products. The brand owns Agabang, ETTOI, Putto, Designskin, Dear Baby etc. a series of own brands, and agents operating Elle, Maternity and other foreign well-known baby and maternity dress brands.

At the end of the reporting period, there were 858 offline sales terminals under the AGABANG , including 842 stores in South Korea and 16 stores in domestic. It is expected that 30 stores will be set up at the end of the year. South Korea under the line of sales terminals are mainly distributed in high-end shopping malls, large business super, street shops; domestic offline sales terminals are mainly located in Beijing, Jiangsu and Jiangzhe and Chengdu three important markets.

In addition, the current AGABANG in China’s domestic line AGABANG Tmall flagship store, ettoi Tmall flagship store, design skin Tmall flagship store, AGABANG Jingdong flagship store, AGABANG Jingdong mother and baby franchise store, bud store honey and Taobao global purchase c shop all set up sales channels.

In 2017, LANCY adjusts and improves product innovation, channel layout, marketing management through the strengthening of market research and customer analysis. In the product design aspect, on the base of maintaining multi-brand operating strategy ,the main brand of product design changes to the young, simple and close, focusing on the high-end women’s fashion sense. On the aspect of Channel layout, increase the intensity of channels to sink, speed up the layout of three or four lines of the city, opening 21 new shops in the first half year. On the marketing management aspect, constantly enriching the product style and match, further widen the price of the products, joined, self-integrated management of the full implementation.

In addition, during the reporting period, LANCY also set up a joint venture with Langya Han Asia Asset Management Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Han Asia Bank, a subsidiary of Korea’s well-known financial group’s Hana Financial Group, focusing on women’s clothing, baby’s clothing, cosmetics and pan fashion industry and the upstream and downstream industry chain, excavating the domestic consumer market and high-quality fashion industry resources in South Korea, China and South Korea operate a wide range of industrial layout and resource integration through the investment in the financial industry.

Post time: Aug-23-2017


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