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The performance and characteristics of MDF

 As one of the most professional showcase manufacturers in Guangzhou, we can custom made all kinds of display showcase such as jewelry display cases ,cosmetic display stand,clothing store fixtures, store display kiosk and so on. About material,we usually according to different customer’s requirement to do it, also we will give customers our professional suggestions. Many customers not clear about the material of MDF,most of people don’t know the performance and characteristics of MDF,FM store fixtures will give you some introduction.

The surface of MDF is smooth, fine texture, stable performance, solid edge. And the surface of the MDF is well decorated. But the humidity resistance of MDF is not good. And in contrast, The grip strength of the MDF is not very good compared with the particle board. If the screws loose, because the density plate strength is not high, it is difficult to be fixed.

cosmetic display showcase

The main advantages of MDF:

1, about MDF, its deformation is small, the warp is small.

2, the MDF has higher bending strength and impact strength.

3, MDF is very easy to finish processing. All kinds of paint, paint can be evenly coated on the MDF , MDF is the preferred substrate for paint effect.

4, MDF is a kind of beautiful decorative plate.

5, All kinds of veneer tape film, decorative panels, light metal sheet materials can be glued to the surface of the MDF.

6, Hard MDF through punching, drilling, also can be made of sound absorption board, used in the building decoration engineering.7, MDF have excellent physical properties and it’s a uniform material . there is no trouble of dehydration. The performance of the MDF is similar with natural wood, But there is no disadvantage of natural wood.

The main disadvantages of MDF:

MDF nail holding ability is poor

the weight is relatively large, difficult to planing

The biggest drawback of MDF is not moisture-proof, see water swell. Although the moisture resistance of the MDF nail holding ability is poor, if the screws loose, not easy to be fixed. But the MDF surface smooth, fine texture, stable performance, easy to shape, solid edge. To avoid the decay and insect problems. In terms of bending strength and impact strength, the bending strength and impact strength are better than that of particle board. And excellent decorative plate surface, than solid wood furniture appearance dominates.

cosmetic display showcase

Post time: Nov-17-2016


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