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The main design method of cosmetic kiosk showcase in shopping mall

 Cosmetics display cabinet belongs to the high-end product showcase. It is exquisite in the design manufacture.Showcase design have high requirements. Due to the high profit of cosmetic product,usually merchants are willing to spend money to invest cosmetic display showcase. They pay more attention to the quality of showcase.Cosmetics display cabinets have a direct impact on the sales of cosmetics products.Pay attention to the following points in the design and production:

 cosmetic display showcase

1.cosmetics display showcase design should pay attention to lighting effects. Material needs to be coordinated with each other. Most of clients use baked finish showcase. The overall design should reflect the aesthetic sense of commercial display design.


  1. Circular showcase, special-shaped showcase, arc showcase, front showcase, the back cabinet multiple window styles combined, in order to achieve a rich display of style. This can make cosmetics showcase appearance effect more rich artistic effect.


3.According to the type of cosmetics business, products of different specifications and forms as well as the image display cabinets to reach conformity with the display function and store the goods category.Embody the integrity of display function.


4.the internal structure design of the cosmetics display cabinet should be able to satisfy the design of the display. Display cabinets to display the combined product design layout and product quantity of showcase. It can provide guarantee for product sales. Display cabinet layout also need to display design according to the primary and secondary arrangement of the product.


5. the main body of cosmetics display cabinets need to consider the requirements of human body engineering. Reasonable design of cosmetics front cabinet, back cabinet, island cabinet,. Front desk height, width, lighting position, angle, brightness design and lighting should be in line with people’s shopping habits, to ensure that customers better observation exhibits.


Generally speaking, cosmetics display design needs to take following things into consideration,

 Showcase style reasonable collocation, lighting effect is prominent, high-end image design, space layout reasonable. Only to meet these requirements, we can create a good cosmetic display stand.

cosmetic display showcase

Post time: Nov-02-2016


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