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The difference between furniture and shopping malls Showcase

 Around us, it seems that we have often heard all kinds of furniture and store fixtures , just because heard too much, everyone in mind will naturally want to know furniture and showcase existence which difference, and what use do they have for their own, just wanted to clarify the concept of furniture and showcase,i will explain the two concepts from following several aspects.

display store fixture

One,different conception:

1, furniture is a family common item to the necessities of life, it is used in the field of family, such as table, sofa, tea cups which are the typical furniture products.

2, shopping malls Showcase is a main carrier of matter mainly used for shopping and display the goods such as cosmetic display stand, jewelry showcases, optical display furniture, Watch display cabinet, digital showcase, these are belonging to the typical shopping malls Showcase is for business.

Two, different places:

1, furniture products are generally used in the family, which is also the family essential item, can be said to be necessary for the survival of family life.

2, shopping malls Showcase is generally used in some large shopping malls, stores, shopping centers and other public places, shopping malls Showcase is indispensable main carrier inside the mall,also an important tool of the promotion and tool olf commercial use for display of goods and the publicity of goods , it can be said, no shopping malls Showcase, public places things could not be properly carried out. Therefore, shopping malls Showcase is the most important exhibition tool in commercial field.

Three, different uses:

1, furniture is a kind of household goods, of course the main purpose is to service for the family, and meet the need of local families.

2, shopping malls Showcase is dedicated to the mall from the meaning of words, is key to meeting and making it more convenient to supply the function of support and display during goods selling. In a word,to make to the normal trading in the market , to attract the attention of customers and improve customer purchase of the election must use shopping malls Showcase, otherwise, everything would be impossible.

display store fixture

Post time: Nov-22-2016


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