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Supermarket made in Beijing LangQiuYuan shop redecoration: new image, new positioning


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Business News: on 18th,July, after two months of comprehensive renovation, the CSF market Beijing Longqiuyuan shop opened with a new image. “Link Business Network” learned that this is the first modified shop opened in 2017, the redecorated shop area is more than 1000 square meter, commercial activities think of it as life supermarket, mainly for the fresh, With the grain and oil, food, staple food and other daily necessities, to meet the community residents demands for three meals a day.


In order to make use of the space effectively, CSF Market Lang Qiuyuan shop will transfer the staple food processing room to the corner, making the best use of existing space. At the same time, to meet the needs of nearby hospital medical treatment of North Hospital, the store added a nursing supplies area and Beijing specialty area. The transformation is to improve the old environment, upgrade chain store comprehensively, adjust goods which are more in line with regional characteristics , service peripheral customers better.


According to the “Link Business Network”, the CSF market in 2017 plans to open a new chain of 15 stores, reloading 7 chain stores, the chain stores which will be changed recently are Wanshou Road shop and Science City shop.


CSF markets are developing community business for many years, in re-sorting the target customers and commercial activities positioning to accelerate opening shop process. CSF market will develop fresh supermarkets, life supermarkets as the main development format mainly, most are main stores, to maintain the existing scale of franchise. In 2020, the total number of shops reached 220, the coverage rate in Haidian District streets, community is 80%, remodeling and extension the mission “rooted in the community-class retailers”.

Post time: Jul-18-2017


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