Direct factory,made in China,Since2005 International Quality System Certification

Store of CASA DEL AGUA® presents both nostalgia and fashion

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Liquor bottles are collected and listed on wooden shelves. These transparent glassy bottle containing liquor reflect lights which strengthen the brightness to the space with lights hanging from the floor. Liquor in the store is contained in simple glasses marking simple pattern in black color which gives a crystal and beautiful sight. This bottle design for transparent liquor embodies a brilliant sense of beauty. Display shelves are designed in a very classic and generous style in order to fit into the bright bottles full of liquor. Shelves are made of wooden boards that are fireproof and high density as supports and black painting stainless steels fixing to wooden boards that is to stand the whole display shelves. Wooden support split out the sight from transparent liquor bottles and offer a solid secure when the store full of the lights reflecting from the transparent bottles. Black stainless steels give a sense of industrious metal hardness which is a sense of free and ease featuring created skill. Bottles stand or lie tidily on wood boards of display shelves in order. The display shelves made of wood board and black stainless steels in simple allocation attain a superior concordance for such a liquor display.

The subject color in the gallery isn’t specious but practical and solid. Colors are also simple here. Black color from steel supports, lights hanging from the ceiling, marks on the bottles and patterns pinned to the wall, wooden beige from the wood shelves, it indicates a good use of the black to dominate the space and form a sensible contrast with the brightness made from the shining transparent glasses and lights. Wood shelves and bar counter is beige that mitigates the gloomy black in a magnificent extent. Walls go mainly in white and Pictures pinned on the wall are also white background, both are with industrious touch.

Items here run after a concept that is presented in the black type letter and pattern throughout all the glass bottles and express in pictures pinned up to the wall as well.

The equipment hang up in front of the bar counter looks like a lab container full of experiment liquid. It shows an attitude of professional and conscientious. It convinces people to believe that liquor here is worth of trust, and also create a mystery expertise to attract customers to buy. On the other hand, it can be seen as an equipment offering liquor in a big party. After all, it fits in the store perfectly and enhances the touch of industrious style. In addition, it also shows a tradition sense that tells the nostalgic feeling.

The brand has successfully expresses an integration of modern simplicity and nostalgia which arouse a joint of timeless beauty. The laborious equipment brings back a memory of the past that contained not only full of hardness imposed by work but happiness got from revelry through the drinking of liquor. And the modern fabrication of the display furniture and liquor containers brings you back into the real time. All things line up in order and tidy in a undisturbed ambience to mark   a modern civilization and progress.

Write by Blair_CH

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Post time: Aug-20-2017


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