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British markets have encapsulated the diversity of communities and skills the city has to offer. Now they are up to the key point of change in its long run history. With phenomena of concerns about footfall decreasing and rising cost of renting floor space, the markets in British simply seems down the hill when it is further challenge by the increasing supermarket and online shopping.

Traders in the markets hold different views about its future. The pessimistic side would think that there will be no shop, no market and people will miss the shopping way in the traditional market of the old days despite they will be gone.

Instead, the optimism side think that the market always has its charm of variety with advantages of eccentric goods from Africa, Asia, and America gathering to gather, its face-to-face contact, access for citizens when recession feels the pinch and a priority for those who prefer fresh fruit and vegetables while supermarket sales them losing freshness in low prices.

Michael Pratt, who runs the stall selling hot meals wrapped up in a Yorkshire pudding, said: “Markets give a sense of community and the ability to get everything under one roof, great produce for great prices. I think they’re going from strength to strength.”

“I don’t think recent changes have made any difference, because the regular customers are the same, they will always come.” Quote from an authority for the British market.

Comments made by the market’s regular customers are positive and uplift spirit. They seems love to shop in the market. As the number of traders in markets has went down in recent years, customer hopes the market will turn to be more thriving again. As a matter of fact, the traditional market has grown in its annual turnover in a row since 2013. As efforts were made to survive the market sales growth, some measures were taken. Several markets across the country has adjusted its content and adapted to the trend for younger group. Many have introduced hot food areas, improved their branding, have extended opening hours and provided free Wi-Fi. Though rent cost are rising up these days, The city council had carried out the refurbishing the Grade I-listed Kirkgate Market in Leeds with budget about £12.3m in an attempt to increase the number of shoppers. The measure is a bold decision and a success at last. now the market in Leeds has its shoppers “on the up” since the refurbishment and vacant units for traders decreased a lot.

It is said that more and more younger generation would find the charm of the traditional market combining with the modern area in the market. And it is true.

To Kirkgate Market in Leeds, The neighboring £150m Victoria Gate development, which includes from the cosmetic shop with skin care shelves to clothes store in garment racks watches shop placing display cabinets will be open next year and is supposed to benefit the Kirkgate market.

The rise of discount supermarkets and online retailers now count nothing at all.cosmetic-skincare shelves-grocery market-shopping food-food stand-market food stand-grocery-shopping

Post time: Jun-19-2017


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