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Showcase production tips

 Showcase store fixtures production tips are as follows:
establish a corporate image:
As the carrier of the brand showcase, showcase is the company’s image. The company can also though the showcase to display their corporate image, then the effect of showcase is self-evident.

Showcase production tips
Improve sales performance:
The most important effect of store fixtures  showcase is showcase can do direct visual communication with consumers. And allows consumers to clearly understand the company’s products, and then produce consumer behavior. Have a good showcase in the “experience economy” thinking can also promote the “return”. So whether it is branded goods companies still want to be the brand of the company must be great importance to showcase the planning and production. The showcase is so important, how to do it? How to do it well? How to do the best?
The main material of showcase and their advantages and disadvantages:
1, metal material: the advantage is that the price is low, relatively light. The disadvantage is that the structure does not change, it is difficult to make a variety of effects.  
2, wooden material : the advantage is that the structure can be adjusted, can make a variety of planning results, the price is not expensive. The disadvantage is that the material is heavy, made out of light, not easy to move.  
3, glass material : the advantage is the price is low, have transparent effect. The disadvantage is heavy and fragile.  
4, acrylic material : the advantage is that there is a transparent crystal light effect. The disadvantage is heavy, fragile, and the price is more expensive.
Now is the brand of the times. The brand represents the fashion, represents the superior. No brand companies are planning their own brand. The brand companies are planning how to do the best brand. The showcase is a brand merchandise sale carrier essential for displays. If you want to establish a brand image, the brand so that consumers on the company’s brand leave a good visual feeling, regardless of whether a company to sell what kind of goods, companies have to for their products tailor-made showcase.

Showcase production tips

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