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RT-Mart push the own-label clothing, on sale in August at the same time


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Linkshop News: R-T Mart launched its own brand JESS&TONY clothing on the basis of successful operation of Bates Carol. Recently, the “Link Business Network” was informed that, JESS & TONY brand clothing will be sold in 368 stores in August at the same time.


It is reported that JESS & TONY is positioned as leisure, comfort, high quality, classic, value, popular brand, and explain self-confidence and free, calm, stylish lifestyle.


Brand style refer to the hot American fast fashion brand, give the American casual style of the Chinese re-interpretation: on the basis of cheerful and simple American casual style, make a adjustment which is more fit Chinese, making changes in American clothing which is not fit for the Chinese people, they design to meet the needs of white-collar workers. Through this return to the true design, bringing people with joy and happiness will become the indispensable brand concept.


In addition, its classification in the goods embodies the inclusivity, covering women’s, men’s, children’s clothing, brand style are unified, with red and blue and white as the tone of American color, rich category , diversified choice are becoming the indispensable advantaged of JESS & TONY.


ZhouLi, manager of RT-Mart textile commodity department said that “We are not only upgrading the shopping experience, but also aiming to make all aspects of your life optimize and transform together with RT-Mart, feeling comfortable and high quality. JESS & TONY, as a parity and fashion fusion clothing brand, carrying out the quality feeling is JESS & TONY brand base and brand belief. It is not the most fashionable fashion brand, we just want to do the clothing brand which is close to public life.


In addition, Zhou Li also said that when shopping in the RT-Mart, we can have more high quality choice for our family, reducing the time cost of hectic pace of life, and more time for rest, the idea is from the strong tolerance of RT-Mart brand culture.


In fact, RT-Mart’s proprietary clothing road can be traced back to 2007.


As early as 2007, RT-Mart has launched a cheap apparel brand Bates Carlo, in 2009 RT-Mart  became the United States popular clothing brand CHEROKEE only brand licensees in China. In addition, RT-Mart also launched its own brand In Extenso in Taiwan.


The reason why RT-Mart attached great importance to its own clothing brand development, largely due to the high gross margin of clothing. Shanghai general retail consultancy chairman Shen Jianguo said that clothing gross margin is generally between 25% and 35%, While its own brand of clothing gross margin can even more than 50%.


According to the relevant media reports, RT-Mart owned brand clothing can make six or seven billion annual sales every year.


In recent years, RT-Mart also accelerate the pace of its own brand building, in 2016, Sun Art retail pointed out that they will make effort to build its own exclusive brand in financial reports, enhancing the differential management.


RT-Mart Chairman Huang Mingduan told the media last year that the proportion of its own branded goods in 2016 was about 10%, hoping that the value of its own brand of goods would grow by 1% per year so that the future of its own O2O system Can reach about 20%.


Up to 31st,December,2016, Sun Art Retail franchise department, home textiles and tableware brand “Actuel” sales increased by 88%. Small household electrical appliances brand “Qilive” and home apparel brand “You Fang” sales also achieved double-digit growth. Luggage and travel products brand “Airport” and sports brand “Cup’s” compared with the previous year, sales is doubled. In addition, on behalf of the traditional Chinese food brand “Hui Shang”, the import of mineral water brand “Diamond Code”, gardening brand “Garden star” and stationery brand “ekolia” and some new brands will also be one of the sources of future growth.

Post time: Jul-31-2017


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