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painting process of FM store fixture manufacturer

 In the process of making jewelry display cases,painting process is an extremely important and strict process. It is not only related to the first visual impression of the public, but also related the level of showcase.

FM store fixtures have high precision stainless steel processing equipment, CNC machine tools and automotive paint paint workshop, Whether in painting or paint technology has a great advantage.Today we would like to share with you about showcases painting process and production characteristics of the brief jewelry showcase.

jewelry display showcases

Jewelry Showcase is reflected in the processing of color paint: usually we must through the brush color agent direct modulation of what it is you need to color. When debugging to the tone of about 70 percent, we can according to the color requirements of coloring, then wipe the modulation of color, after drying can be normal work.

 jewelry showcases is reflected in the construction of primer: General professional jewelry showcase design and production will be based on the correct proportioning of paint mixing static 15 – 20 minutes, to ensure the elimination of air bubbles. Then you can evenly spray paint brush. Brush the paint after drying, you can polish the dust. Showcase factory often according to the actual needs to determine the number of primer construction, more times, process requirements approach the perfect, produced showcase more upscale.

Jewelry showcase is reflected in the modify of finish paint:The last step is baking finish, this step is very important.In general, we try to use Color-remanding Agent to adjust the color you choose.then the color of the base material by appropriate dilution, mixing evenly spraying, drying, grinding dust, after determining the color, uniform spray paint.

jewelry display showcases

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