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Offbeat marketing methods of Retail Business: overweight experience



This period of May Day, online and offline retail enterprises added more scenes except for price competition. On 1st, May, Beijing Commercial Daily reporter was informed from the Municipal Commission of Commerce that during May Day festival, the Commerce Commission key monitoring 60 commercial service enterprises achieve retail sales of 2.4 billion RMB in three days, making an increase of 7.2%.Profit-sharing promotion is still the main means of attracting consumers’ eyes in retail business area, but except for competing price, the traditional retail shopping malls and online business enterprises pay more attention to consumers demand of quality for goods, as well as in the shopping scene experience.


Promotion is still a killer

As the main promotion node of traditional retail enterprises in the first half year, Outlets, shopping malls, supermarkets and other business all value the May Day promotion. City Commerce Committee data shows that during May Day festival, the first Outlets, Dorset Outlets and other corporate retail sales achieve as increase of 20%; Wumart Group, 7-11, Easyhome, New Yan Sha Shopping Mall and other corporate retail sales achieve an increase about 10%. Municipal Commerce Commission said that the traditional entity retail enterprises mainly about the spring and summer clothing, tourism supplies, home building materials and other consumer demand to carry out promotional activities. Such as Shuang’an shopping malls launches seasonal clothing, household goods full reduction, membership card to enjoy the discount and other activities. Wumart supermarket held “Red May” activities, launched more than 500 kinds of 50% of the people’s livelihood goods. Easyhome start the “five and Lunbie” theme activities, the audience 8.5 fold.


Electric business enterprises also put off promote means by great efforts. Such as Jingdong Mall to start “51 Hi travel”, Jingdong home improvement festival and other activities, car goods, outdoor supplies, home appliances and other various goods substantial promotions, home furnishings to buy 4 free 1. States United States launched the online “low cost, hot May Day” theme promotional activities, the audience full of thousands of household appliances, some kitchenware two 5 fold, stove utensils full reduction. Su-ning Tesco carries out “benefit to enjoy 51″ promotional activities, one million pieces of goods cut price in advance, Tablet PC thousand down one hundred.


Catering enterprises mainly launch new dishes around the summer season, including the old famous enterprises launched summer dishes and special dishes are popular with consumers. Such as Quyuan restaurant launched a small fried root buds, firewood bean curd and other early summer food; With Chunyuan launched Yipin hoof flowers, diced chicken and other special dishes; TongHeJu launched appetizing hawthorn, sweet and sour plum soup and other summer drinks; Ma Kai restaurant launched the yellow pepper Bubble bullfrog, small fried allium chinensis etc. To take Ma Kai restaurant for example, the data shows that the business turnover increased by 8.7% during May Day Festival. In addition, due to rising temperatures and the impact of increased foreign tourists, the public fast-food chain enterprises also favored by consumers. Such as GABU GABU, Yonghe King and other catering enterprises, during the holiday operating income increased by 10% or more.

Stimulate new demand for consumption


This “May Day” consumer market is still prosperous and active this year, but it can also be noted that today’s online shopping has become a daily shopping, as well as three or four months of business customers to carry out the theme of promotional activities, the previous May Day promotion upsurge is being diverted gradually. In this context, no matter the traditional physical retail business, or online business providers, need innovate means to deal with consumer shopping weakness, then stimulating new users’ needs.


May is home appliances, home improvement industry sales season every year, differentiated marketing has been a way to stimulate new consumer demand for consumers in retail business area. Wal-Mart said that this year’s “51″ period, Wal-Mart increased differentiation marketing, launched more exclusive preferential to meet customers requirements of the tour, seasonal finishing and the purchase of electrical and other needs during the May Day festival. According to  recent years of sales data, Wal-Mart noted that with the improvement of consumer living standards, high-end electrical appliances are more and more popular with consumers. Therefore, Wal-Mart to expand the proportion of high-end goods this year. Take the air conditioning, fans and other products which have entered into sales season for example, Wal-Mart introduced a variety of high-end frequency conversion technology air-conditioning and fan, and make great efforts to promote, including buy reduction, brand discount, direct price cuts etc. This year, it is expected that “May Day” Air conditioning, fan sales will grow about 15% over the same period last year.


In addition to the two traditional “51″ consumer hot areas(home improvement and home appliances), the area related to the basic necessities of life also received much attention, multi-category comprehensive promotion is the focus of this year’s electricity business enterprises overweight. It is understood that Jingdong Mall launched the “51 hey travel” large-scale promotion during this years May Day, including mobile phone category discount as low as 5 fold, game equipment 5 fold, digital products carnival purchase, clothing category coupons, Fresh goods “travel season”, maternal and child merchandise spicy Mengbao and other activities. Jingdong Mall said that from the overall sales situation, with the spring decoration and home appliances new upsurge, home appliances and home improvement category in the “51″ during the rapid growth in sales. Sports outdoors, food and beverage, travel and other travel-related categories, consumers are more willing to prepare in advance before the holiday, sales peak appeared before May Day holiday. “Quality upgrade” has become Jingdong “51″ promotional sales data in the distinctive features, more and more consumers care about quality and brand when they enjoy the promotion.


Plus scene experience


Seen from the data released from the Municipal Commerce Commission, during May Day  holiday period, the Beijing retail market sales performance is of steady growth, meanwhile it can be noted that the enterprises also began two-way overweight in the choice of promotional channels, Online and offline opening up the scene experience is becoming the object of retail enterprises overweight. Retail experts, Shanghai Shangyi consulting general manager Hu Chuncai in an interview with the Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporter said that a single promotion sales way is unable to meet the shopping needs. Supermarkets and stores need to increase the consumer’s sense of shopping experience, by increasing the fun of shopping malls, and the interaction with customers in order to meet the consumer shopping and the demand for entertainment and relaxation, after all, The attractiveness of a separate price concessions for consumers is declining.


To take Beijing Suning for example, Beijing Suning said, “4.18″ promotion has not yet ended, Suning has launched the “51″ campaign promotion on 27th, April. It is understood that on 27th,April Beijing Suning Lenovo Bridge Inn, Ciyun Temple cloud shop opened, through online and offline linkage way, openning the “5.1″ special events in advance. Suning’s black technology collection brand “YOUQU” settled in stores, especially the VR products favored by consumers. In commodity prices, Beijing Suning continues to none other consumers, it launches Suning “5.1″ to buy the theme activities together with more than 100 brand manufacturers. Data shows that on April 27 the same day, Suning sales performance is more than 300 million yuan, Suning Tesco direct sales increase more than 800%.


In Hu Chuncai view, despite the March and April continual business promotion, whether the traditional shopping malls or electricity business enterprises, will still choose to carry out promotional activities during the holidays. During the holidays, in addition to the increase quantity of consumers, the frequency of consumers go shopping malls, consumers’ stay time will increase, traffic is also relatively concentrated, traditional enterprises can sell goods intensively by promotion ways, traditional shopping malls sales will be higher than usual during the holiday.


For the electricity business enterprises, consumers will have more time for online shopping at home, promotion will stimulate the desire of consumers to buy. Promotional means during the holiday season, on the one hand can enhance the traditional shopping malls and electricity business platform sales, flows, customer unit price, on the other hand, you can also use the promotion to guide consumer spending, thereby enhancing the brand awareness.

Post time: Jul-10-2017


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