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Note some jewelry showcase decoration design concept

 With the growing enthusiasm for jewelry, and other luxury goods, jewelry showcases store decoration design also occupy a important position. An increasing number of jewelry stores open in the city’s most bustling area. Only to show the strength of the brand. Because a good store design, not only beautify the city, but also the trend of the times of the wind vane. Today FM store fixtures with you to discuss the concept of decoration design showcase store.

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Showcase decoration design concept — aesthetic experience just perfect

An elegant and luxurious decoration shops, sales of goods are usually of high quality. But it is not good to be too luxurious decoration with the coordination layout, it is not good. So the showcase decoration design must be comfortable with people’s aesthetic vision. In general, FM store fixtureswill according to the jewelry brand, target customers, market positioning, brand level to do aesthetic design. If you give people the feeling of beauty and fresh surprise is the best design experience.

Showcase decoration design concept — simple and elegant space planning

Sometimes a good showcase space to play a multiplier effect to sales. Showcase and store space planning should not be too crowded, should be more lichtung, so as to look simple and elegant. At the same time, to create a comfortable shopping space and environment for customers, promote the customer shopping, and give the customer a good mood.

Showcase decoration design concept — equipped with reasonable lighting source

We know that the first experience on the visual is very important And in the visual, jewelry retail store design lighting design and equipment is playing a vital role. Because the light experience not only affects the store’s aesthetic feeling, but also affect the customer’s mood, which indirectly affect the success of the jewelry store transactions.

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Post time: Oct-19-2016


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