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New technology is used to change the way of tailoring: Acustom Apparel in NY

Acustom Apparel is distinguished in the way of using digital algorithm to match apparel for customers. With digital technology to scan a person’s body in 3D, your holographic-like image would be instantly made. Such a 3D scan you had experienced can get and reserve raw data points that extract many measurements for you so that your clothes would be determined how to be made. Such application is quick and accurate for tailoring. It save the time to finish such process when the tailors have to measure out your body and craft the pattern in two, three, or even four hours a tailor may need in the traditional way. Base on this digital craft pattern, the staff working in Acustom Apparel can cut and sow around to get your clothes done. It can be done faster comparing to the traditional way and a perfect answer to nowadays life style in fast speed and time-counting trend and people would have more requirements to their daily fit and styles. By digital measurement and craft, patterns are fast made and adjusted to meet customers special demand. People can customize their clothing in both fit and style. It is what Motlagh, Acustom Apparel’s CEO and co-founder, want to achieve in his study at business school and now become reality.
In his shop, customers won’t need to take times and see a lot of swatches for review, they just need to select the fancy style and then wait for their most fit selected style of customized clothes to be sent to their address. In the Acustom Apparel, there are many versions of finished clothes in the boutique for allowing an easy access to make quick decisions. An addition advantage is customers can create a specific design to the new clothes which they want to have the shop produced and it is easy to imagine how the clothes you have selected with your specific design will look like. Anyway, the shop can make a lot of types of customized design from their customers’ idea: fit, lining, lapels, ticket pocket, and type and location of contrast, too, such as idea to add white stitching on a blue blazer’s lapel buttonhole.
To promote the new trend of Acustom Apparel’s business and service, the shops launched promotion on the street and lowered the clothing price. It is a suitable way to help people learn more about such kind of way to customize clothing and help people improve a better style of clothing wearing trend by learning a faster and efficient way of shopping of customized clothing. In just a quarter of an hour, one can have his two or three specific styles scanned and turned the idea into paper pattern for tailoring mode. Most customers in this shop are satisfied with their finished clothing. The technology benefits many industries, including clothing manufacturing and will go deeper, it is so cool. After having full discussion with the shop before the clothing is produced, customers will received at home their new clothing in three to six weeks.


Post time: Jul-06-2017


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