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MUJI to GO open one new shop in Chengdu airport, counting up to 17 shops in China.

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Linkshop News:On July 19, MUJI to GO shop opened at Chengdu Airport T2 terminal.

It is reported that the store is the eleventh opened shop in mainland China, the rest of the stores were located in Shenzhen International Airport, Shenzhen Airport GTC, Xi’an Airport, Baotou Maoye World, Beijing Airport T2 Terminal, Qingdao Metro, Shanghai Pudong Airport T2 flight Station, Chengdu Airport T2 Terminal, Urumqi Airport T3 Terminal and Chongqing Airport T3A Terminal. And there are still 3 stores both in Hong Kong and Taipei.

The series is MUJI product line related to tourism, it contains from the toiletries to the trunk and other public goods. And from the MUJI about 7 categories, in accordance with the “travel around the world”, “short travel”, “childhood travel” and “air sleep” 4 scenes selected for travel products, they are showed and sold as travel category.

Its shop is generally smaller than the MUJI stores, an area of 50-150 square meters. And most of them are opened in large cities in the transport junction, such as airports, railway stations, subway stations and so on. For example, MUJI TO GO the world’s first store was set up at the Hong Kong International Airport, the first store in China mainland was set up in Shenzhen Airport.

It is reported that since the world’s first MUJI TO GO shop was opened in 2008, there has been a total of nearly 20 independent stores in the world. Among them, China accounts for most. MUJI said that there will also be more MUJI TO GO shop in the world in future.

Post time: Jul-21-2017


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