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Lei Jun: millet home open 1000 stores in 3 years, its revenue is expected to reach 70 billion

MINI store

On 26th,July, millet technology founder Lei Jun in the new conference said that the millet offline retail store millet house opened 149 stores over the past half year, covering forty or fifty cities, there is possibility that it will open 1000 stores in the next three years.


“I calculated, the annual turnover of 1000 millet is likely to reach 70 billion, which will be a new strong retail model.” Lei Jun said millet this year’s annual revenue target is 100 billion, The possibility of finishing the goal is very high.


According to the current millet’s revenue situation, once the annual turnover of millet home reached 70 billion after 3 years, it means that the millet online and offline can almost reach the same situation.


Lei Jun said that over the past years, there are many negative reports about millet, we are very concerned about the millet mobile phone shipment, millet did encounter some difficulties and pressure, but after the past two years making up classes, millet successfully bottomed out. “There is no cell phone manufacturers in the world can come back after the decline, except millet.”


Lei Jun pointed out that there is a path to follow for millet’s present achievement, seven years ago, when he found millet, he has made three triathlon, firstly he made MIUI, and then he made phone because of  MIUI success, then the success of the phone pulling the millet network, and then Because of the success of millet network, then produced TV, routers, and invest in the ecological chain.


What is the kind of a Millet company in the end, Lei Jun said that millet is not only a mobile phone company, but also mobile Internet companies, and also a new retail company, because millet is a new species, it is difficult to use a word to summary.

Post time: Jul-28-2017


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