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How to improve the performance of jewelry stores?

  How to improve the performance of jewelry stores?

1, clean and tidy appearance

The salesperson’s appearance is the first impression to the customer of the jewelry showcases. If the clothing is not clean and tidy, easy to leave the negative impression to people that the store is not clean. For the overall image of the enterprise, Many jewelry stores require sales staff to unify the clothing. Through a unified uniform to shape the overall image of the enterprise,and form a unified beauty. At the same time also showed the personality of jewelry stores.

2, understand customers’ ideas

When customers come into the jewelry store, how can the sales staff to understand what the customer wants to buy? This can be inferred from the conversation with customer, as well as customer’s choice of goods . Do not blindly sell certain products, so as to avoid the customer’s aversion. Through dialogue, focus on customer needs and then according to the demand of marketing, so that can increase sales opportunities. 

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3, solve customer’s complaint

Every salesperson will inevitably encounter some choosy, poor attitude customers. However, “the customer is always right”, When the customer’s so treated, learn patience. As time passes, the accumulated experience of different types of customers, then when you face any kind of customers will have no problem. Customer complaint handling is a salesperson necessary training, listen carefully to customer complaints. From the beginning to the views of customers, is the only proper course to take customer complaints. 

4, extend the same treatment to all customers

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It is wrong for some of salesperson to judge customer’s purchasing power based on customer’s clothing and appearance. Although this time he only bought 100 yuan jewelry, but it does not mean that he is only have 100 yuan purchasing power, maybe next time he’ll buy more than 5000 yuan product, it can not be predicted. To treat all customers with equal attitude is the basic principle of the sales staff in customer service. Obvious differential treatment will make other customers feel unhappy, the next time they will not come to your jewelry store, , you may therefore lose a good customer. 

5,care for this and lose that

Many jewelry stores may encounter such situations: in a holiday or promotional period at the same time have many customers swarmed into the jewelry stores , so that the salesperson overwhelmed. After receiving a new customer, the customer needs to be put on the back of the head or waiting for a long time. This is obviously unfair to the first customer. In this regard, the best solution is: Planning ahead. The best way for salesperson is requesting other colleagues for support, so as not to leave customer’s bad impression.

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Post time: Mar-13-2017


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