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How to get out of the ordinary showcase?

  How to get out of the ordinary store fixtures and have more unique features? It has a close relationship with the showcase colors. Different colors to showcase has different atmosphere, here have some experience want to share with you:

Pink: it is the best interpretation of the tender. It is the mixture of red and white color, clear and bright, pink means “gentleness”.

Yellow: Yellow is the first color that you see when you are born. Is also a symbol of healthy color. It appears to be healthy and bright, but also because it is the most easily absorbed color in the spectrum.

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Gray: Grey is a very friendly color. It has a variety of color matching. So when the color is not suitable, it can be used to reconcile gray, gray can be regarded as a representative of the middle color.

Black: Black represents the noble and can be hidden defects, it is suitable for white, gold with. To emphasize the role of. And make the white, gold more dazzling.

How to get out of the ordinary showcase (1)

Gold: Gold is a luxury color. It is able to send out gorgeous and dazzling light. So there is a dizzying feeling.

White: White will reflect all the light, with a sense of cleanliness and expansion. So in the home layout, if the space is smaller, can be white, so that the space to increase the sense of spacious.

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