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H & M brand successively opened in London, the British found that this is a trend

On last Friday, H & M’s new brand for millennial , Weekday, opened in London, another brand Arket will also be opened at Regent Street this week.

Coincidentally, last week Topshop and Topman announced that they would appoint David Hagglund as the new creative director. Hagglund is a Swede and once worked at Stockholm’s advertising agency and H & M company.

If you walk around Regent Street, you will find that Swedish style dress is everywhere. When you pass London’s famous Oxford Circus, you can not miss the huge H & M logo. Go further south, along with Other Stories and COS logo. Go to Carnaby corner, you will see Monki logo, and these are H & M’s fashion sub-brands.

These apparently attracted the attention of the British Guardian, they even used the argument of “Swedish style occupation of London high street fashion”.


H & M has been educating London consumers all the time. They are not only good at design, but also found some niche markets, to meet different types of consumers as much as possible. The latest Arket is one light luxury brand similar to Cos, mainly selling basic models, the prices are slightly high, basically more than 100 pounds. Arket’s design philosophy is to meet those customers who are nervous, do not want to spend too much energy shopping. Arket will only provide a number of options, rather than the traditional H & M winning by numbers. Less choice, then consumers will have less time to make decisions.

In order to attract young people, this store also uses a new concept of retail, creating a market space, there are cafe and all kinds of household items.


According to the Guardian, that next year there will be a new H & M’s brand, and a separate H & M shop opened in London. London is always H & M the first step to enter into the international market. In 1947 the first Hennes was opened in Sweden, began to expand in 1970, and the first city outside of Sweden is London.

Arket also chose to launch its first in London, rather than in the native Swedish, “it is difficult for you to sell this Swedish aesthetic to the Swedes .We think it is attractive because it is very clean and simple,” Drapers magazine fashion Director Graeme Moran said.

“London is a really an international city where we can quickly reach much wider and more international consumers,” Arket’s creative director Ulrika Bernhardtz said. “We were lucky enough to find a place on Regent Street, and we will have a second store in London this autumn.”


The essence of the Swedish style is “Less is More”. Now Acne(Stockholm hot brand) is the best representative of this style, the brand brings up the popular generation of the millennium generation powder in the last two years.

The British not only worried the fashion industry, they even think that all aspects of life may be governed by Swedish style. British stylist Adrian Clark thinks that Swedish design philosophy has penetrated all aspects of the British, “such as companies like IKEA, they have a deep – rooted idea – the design must be purposeful and modern.

This may not just be Britain, in recent years, Sweden’s simple style has been sought after in the world. It looks like Topshop is anxious that it appointed Hagglund as Topshop creative director, it needs a helper to promote the brand to the international community. “Topshop has always been the image of the British girl, but it may be going to become more international this time,” Moran said, “This is indeed the best time, because now it is the time when Scandinavian wind is popular. “

Post time: Aug-24-2017


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