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GAP, China’s largest flagship store was opened in Shanghai, paying attention to home and digital



“We are very optimistic about the Chinese market, so we have to re-upgrade the store design, in order to bring consumers a better shopping experience.” Abinta Malik, executive vice president and general manager of Gap Group said.


On august 25, GAP, China’s largest flagship store was officially opened in Shanghai, Nanjing West Road 863.In the area of 1908 square meters of the upper and lower floors, showing men, women, children, GapBody and Gapfit full range of clothing line. Among them, the latter two are the first full range of products brought into China.


At present, the store only shows a part of the GapBody series of products, up to October this year, it will introduce its full range of stores. “said by Rudy Montenegro, senior director of creative development at Gap Group, in an interview with” Business Network. “At the same time, he also said that the store’s goods are the most complete update most quickly, besides, there are also stores special contribution.


Introducing new elements, focusing on digital and family sense

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According to Abinta Malik, the store is a new image store built by Gap’s local store design team and the global store design team at San Francisco headquarters, which covers a lot of the latest design concepts. Such as the full open ceiling, widespread electronic LED screen, 4000k of the most suitable light LED environmental protection and energy saving lamps, maternal and child room, cell-phone charging lounge area, gift packaging area, camera area and so on.


The different size of the whole store LED screen has its own different functions, there are the latest series of posters, there are also some for consumers to choose with, there are also some acting as the visual role. “Said Rickie Harper, director of visual display at Gap in China.” We are always talking about “new retail”, the store digitization is also one part of it, Not only make the whole shop brighter in visual , the products are more prominent, but also greatly improve the efficiency of showing of the stores. ”


It is reported that the digital equipment will also be in the latter part of China’s other Gap stores successively.


At the same time, the store also introduced a lot of family-related elements. In the words of Abinta Malik, “I hope the whole family can shop at the Gap store more conveniently, and when the mother is shopping, the baby can go to the children ‘s play area and the father can go to the cell phone station to have a rest.


This is why Gap introduces “children’s play area” and “mobile phone charging station” and other experience interactive rest area in the store for the first time. They hope that Gap is not only just a shopping place, but also a place to stay and play.

In the product display, Gap takes into account the consumption habits of Chinese consumers, they will move the dress collocation in the model near the shelf of it according to the nearest principle, so that consumers can see it for the first time. At the same time, it also makes full use of the shelf below the storage space, which can display the same series in it, which can facilitate timely shopping to add inventory, while customers can quickly find the goods.


In Rudy Montenegro view, the store does not have to blindly pursue large, but also should pay attention to the flexibility of space. In a limited space, it can accommodate more abundant goods. And all this adjustment of the original intention, are derived from the needs of consumers.


So, at present Gap also launched a WeChat applet, in order to know the customer demand more accurately, so as to make adjustment more effectively. According to vice president of information technology in China and Japan, Kristina Militante introduced, it has carried out preliminary test  in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places, then he make adjustment in more stores according to the results of the trial , and the effect is also good.


The important link of the whole channel, it may focus on the development of the infants and young children clothing in the future


Gap has opened brand stores and online malls in China since November 2010. At present, it has opened nearly 160stores including Gap, Gap factory store, Old Navy in 40 cities including mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


At the same time, it has also focused on the development of e-commerce, that is the cooperation with the Tmall in China. According to Cherry Zhu, Gap Electric Business Director in China, the current electricity and stores are showing upward trend, besides, based on the whole channel construction, online and offline inventory have been fully opened up. Since June last year, it has achieved the nearest store delivery. In the future, it will also get through in membership area.


And the largest flagship in China is also one important part in deploying the whole channel strategy. “We think China is an important market full of growth and innovation opportunities,” Malik added. “When China embraces ‘new retail’, our double advantage in full channel retail and premium store customer experience will help us improve in apparel retail performance in China.”


At the same time, LinkShop found that, in addition to a small amount of sports series and loungewear, the entire second floor, most of the area are used to display their baby equipment. There are also obvious “GAP KIDS” on both sides of the main entrance. “In the future, the company may focus on the development of infant products in China,” Kristina Militante said in an interview with “Business Network”.


At the same time, there are also informed sources, soon after, Gap may open an independent children’s shop in Hangzhou store.


After all, China has fully liberalized the two-child policy, our children’s clothing market is ushering in the rapid development period. At the same time, due to the high frequency of children’s clothing product updating, it is of rigid demand in the family consumption. Besides, the young parents who are currently entering the peak of their fertility are mostly children born since the 1980s, are generally well educated, higher demand of life quality, paying more attention to the concept of parenting and childbearing. To further enlarge and promote the realization of the baby’s consumer demand for goods.


It is expected that by 2018, the size of the children’s clothing market is expected to reach 194.4 billion, while this figure in 2013 was only about 116.6 billion. During 2010-2016, China’s children’s clothing market maintain the scale of 9.5% compound annual growth rate, the apparel industry is of the most stable growth in the sub-sectors.


In addition, Gap Group plans to relocate its Chinese retail headquarters to the store’s office area in 2018.

Post time: Aug-29-2017


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