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FM store fixture manufacturer teach you how to choose clothing display showcase

 When some of the shops, shopping malls in the purchase of clothes display rack, do not know emphatically pay attention to what factors, following are some suggestions from FM store fixture manufacturer, the successful clothing store fixtures need do flowing points:

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  1. Full and reasonable use of special space.
  2. Complete the practical function of commodity display.

 3. Beautiful appearance, attract attention, and give people a good impression.

4 Meet the requirements of CI merchant

5. Such as the showcase is in a space 3 meters wide, 2.5 meters , surrounded by other exhibits, in this showcase on both sides of the glass partition is transparent, and with a protrusion on top of boxes formed a relatively independent space, back plane curved design the whole shape is simple enough, has exceeded the blunt, in a narrow line of sight, to create a lively, dynamic effect, a simple and steady cabinet platform to put down all the goods required, speaker wiring is very convenient; exhibition overall vision bright, outstanding products, low cost is a typical successful works. Showcase design and production style is very rich, it need customers and professional display company work together to complete.

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Post time: Nov-18-2016


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