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Fashion design this week: An eye-catching shop design

Stash bagshop makes a hit once it releases photos of the shop interior furnishing, it is a new eye-catching. A bag shop without any handbag display cabinets shopping shelves, bag showcases, display cabinets
Stash-bagshop-shopping-showcases-fashion bags. Mainly red color bush in the indoor with distinguish U curve joining between the celling and the walls and hanging walls. Most impressive creation is its way to display the bags in the shop. All bags line up very tidy and straight in a row in both length and width directions. The designer use magnets power and walls around the shop are steel plates, with magnets inside the wall, so that bags can stick and hang up still and tight to its place, design is no base for the bags to place on.

With the view all bags hang without hooks, bag shelves,   small shop that isn’t spacious can save a lot of space and shows a maximum space sight to make the visitors feel simple, tidy and enough room. It is a sophisticate design that makes full use of the limited room and maximizes the display capacity for bags hanging. Customers can easily pick up the bags they are interested in and return it to the original place by holding it on the wall. Except that, design of the wall hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room with a cove design joint, and break off in the middle height to give views of the other side of the shop through the underneath cross of the hanging wall and its beneath stands, which is a smart trick to show more bags to the passage-by and evoke customers to make further adventure. Stands are in dark grey to moderate and avoid impact of the all red wall which would impose visitors a tiredness of appreciation for smart red wall. Parts of the wall clinch mirrors to reflect bags show on the opposite to make a bigger image of the space and show bags in passage-by out of the shop. Mirror is used as wall to divide the room in the middle of one side between the hanging wall and the wall and shows the bags sticking on the wall. The bags sticking on wall can be seen from outside of the shop to extend space in view effect. All the design of PU wall paint in red is simple design, complemented and seamlessly, and a match with the bright colors of bags showing in the shop. All walls using steel plates paint in red is cupboard inside for bags storage and that save a lot of room and reduce budgets, or else shop owners have to find an extra place for storage. This design is very suitable for and belongs to the bag shop that hasn’t to make customers to stay long when they are picking their favorites.

Good marketing design is made here and worth its reputation for a design country like Netherlands. A new and bold design applying in the shop and as every shop owner would hope, shop in this design will sell more bags.

Post time: Jun-28-2017


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