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English Guide of the Canton Fair

   English Guide of the Canton Fair

Metro Line 8 passes Canton Fair Complex. Take metro from Exit A of Metro Xingangdong Station to Section A of the fair complex, or from Exit A or Exit B of Metro Pazhou Station to Section B of Fair Complex, or westward approximately 300 meters from Exit C of Pazhou Station to Section C of Fair Complex. You may take Metro at your convenience to Canton Fair Complex.


✈ Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Canton Fair Complex


Route:Jichang Nan Station —Xinguang Dong/Pazhou Station


Line 3 (North extended line) Jichang Nan Station –Tiyu Xi Station  


Line 3   Tiyu Xi Station —Kecun Station 


Line 8   Kecun Station–Xingang Dong Station (Area A of Canton Fair Complex)


Pazhou Station (Area B & Area C of Canton Fair Complex)


Duration: about 43 minutes; Fare: 8 Yuan


➜ Railway Stations to Canton Fair Complex


From Guangzhou Railway Station: Take Metro Line 2 (in the direction of Guangzhou Nan Station) to Changgang Station, change to Line 8 (in the direction of Wansheng Wei Station) , and exit at Xingang Dong Station (for Area A) or Pazhou Station (for Area B or C).


From Guangzhou East Railway Station: Take Metro Line 3 (in the direction of Panyu Square Station) to Kecun Station, change to Line 8 (in the direction of Wansheng Wei Station) , and exit at Xingang Dong Station (for Area A) or Pazhou Station (for Area B or C).


From Guangzhou South Railway Station: Take Metro Line 2 (in the direction of Jiahe Wanggang Station) to Changgang Station, change to Line 8 (in the direction of Wansheng Wei Station) , and exit at Xingang Dong Station (for AreaArea A) or Pazhou Station (for Area B or C).


In the hope ofreflecting the continuity of our service and improving service quality, CantonFair opens Free Shuttle Buses from the Complex to the Downtown (Passengers canenjoy free WIFI service).The service time and lines run as follows:

Free Bus Routes 


Please take the bus at Area A.


Line 1  


Canton Fair to Huanshizhong Road(Asia International Hotel)


Hotels nearby: Garden Hotel,Baiyun Hotel, Crown Plaza Hotel Guangzhou City Centre, Holiday Inn, Asia International Hotel, Ocean Hotel, Friendship Store;


Line 2 


Canton Fair to Liuhua Road, (Dongfang Hotel)


Hotels point: Dongfang Hotel, China Hotel, Parkview Square Hotel, Landsman Hotel, New Mainland Hotel, Overseas Chinese Hotel, Liuhua Hotel, Guangzhou railway station, Yuexiu Park Station of the Guangzhou Metro.


Please take the bus at B area.


Line 3 


Canton Fair to Haizhu Plaza (Guangzhou Hotel)


Hotels nearby: Haizhu Plaza, Hotel Landmark Canton, Guangzhou Hotel.


Line 4   


Canton Fair to Tianhe Terminal (CITIC Plaza)


Hotels point: CITIC Plaza,The Westin Guangzhou, Royal Garden Hotel, Grand Palace Hotel, Star Hotel, Guangzhou Tianhe East Railway Station, China Mayors Plaza, Grandview Mall, President Hotel ,Teem Plaza.


Service Opening Time


PhaseⅠ9:00 am –18:00 pm on 15th Apr. —19th  Apr(15th Oct. —19th  Oct). (1st Session)


PhaseⅡ9:00 am –18:00 pm on 23rd  Apr. —27th  Apr(23rd  Oct. —27th  Oct). (2nd Session)


PhaseⅢ9:00 am –18:00 pm on 1st May. —5th May(31st Oct. —4th Nov). (3rd Session)


Badges Service Center


Area A: exit of Xingangdong metro station

Area C: Hall 16.1

Telecommunication Service


(mobile phone rental, SIM card sales, Web Application Protocol, etc.)


Area A: Counter3-4, Pearl River Promenade

Ticket Booking Service


During Canton Fair, Canton Fair International Travel Co., Ltd. provides on-spot ticket booking service.




Area A :Counter 3-5/3-6,Pearl Promenade,


Area B: Counter 10-4, Pearl Promenade


Tickets include: domestic and international flights, trains to all cities in China, Guangdong Through Trains to Hong Kong, direct buses to central Hong Kong and Hong Kong International Airport, coaches to Macau, ferries to Hong Kong International Airport and Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal.


Customer Service Centre of Canton Fair provides phone bookings of flight tickets.


TEL: 4000-888-999,



Luggage Storage


Location: Zhanchang Xi Road, Area A


Service hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (no service provided after 6:00 pm) 

The size of the left-luggage shall not exceed 1 m3 and the weight shall not exceed 20 kilograms. For less than 10-hour storage, there is a minimum charge of RMB20 per piece for large luggage (over 0.5 m3).


Lost and Found


Service contents:


1. Reporting of lost personal belongings (including laptop computers, mobile phones, and exhibition samples, etc.) and claiming of the found articles.


2. Reporting and claiming of the lost certificates of the participants of the Fair.聽


Office hours: from 9:00 to 18:00 everyday.




North part of Complex Mid. Road聽


Hall 6.1


Financial services available such as money deposits and drawings, remittances, etc.


Bank of China:




Pearl River Promenade 

Hall 9.2 

Area B 


Pearl River Promenade Area A 


Pearl River Promenade Area A


China Construction Bank:



Counter 4-5 

Pearl River Promenade 

Hall 4 

Area A 

Counter 9-1 

Pearl River Promenade 

Area B 

Counter 9-2 

Pearl River Promenade 

Area B

Providing international or domestic express mail services, international or domestic letter mailing services, International or domestic parcle services, etc.




Counter 1-6 


Pearl River Promenade Area A 


Counter 13-2 


Pearl River Promenade Area B

Business Cards, Photocopying and Fax




Counter 2-6 


Pearl River Promenade 


Area A 


Counter 9-3 


Pearl River Promenade 


Area B 


Counter 2 


outside north gate 


Floor 3 


Hall 14 


Area C

Free WiFi Access with Limited Time


The Canton Fair will provide free WiFi access for 3 hours a day. The 3-hour period can be divided several times during a day. It will satisfy users’ basic business demand and can also ensure free Internet access for more people. Users who need to use the Internet for longer time can choose paid WiFi access.


Account and Password: All participants of the Fair will use their Canton Fair badge numbers as their account numbers for Internet access. For exhibitors of the National Pavilion, the password is the last 6 numbers of their ID Card. For buyers or exhibitors of the International Pavilion, the password is 12345678.


Paid Access with Unlimited Time


Account and Password: Users may purchase a paper Internet card at a Customer Service Center station at the price of RMB 150 per exhibition phase.


Card purchase locations


Area A: Service stations at Pearl River Promenade (Counters 2-4)


Area B :Service stations at Pearl River Promenade (Counter 10-1; North balcony of Hall 9.3 in Phase 1)  


Area C: Service stations (Left of South Entrance of Hall 16.2)


Rental of wireless network adapter. When the WiFi connection in your area is unstable, or you have difficulty of connecting to the Internet, we recommend you use 5.8GHz wireless channels. If your Internet terminal (laptop, etc.) does not support such channels (SSID Cantonfair, and not Cantonfair-a, is shown during network searching), you may rent a 5.8G wireless network adapter. The network adapters have USB interface, and cannot be used on tablets or smart phones. The deposit required for an adapter is RMB 300, which can be paid at an on-site service station. The deposit paid at on-site service station will be fully refunded in cash after the Fair is over.

Prayer Room’s Position:




Floor -1 


Area A



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