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Ellassay’s manners to welcome customers: Greeting with elegance

flagship store-clothing shelves-Shopping-Women clothes-Clothing rack-shop models-fashion clothesRecently, Ellassay opened a new flagship store designed by Stefano Tordiglione Design, Shenyang.

As usually, Ellassay embodies a Graceful and romantic shopping atmosphere in its shop. As a high-end fashion apparel retailer, it embraces an original concept of elegance and romance. Store is set up elaborately with outstanding interior design to extend its style with fresh idea. This store holds a concept of an elegance of rose with bright air created by vertical lines furnished on the upper wall all around the inner store.

In the front of store, a chandelier is hanging on the ceiling. The chandelier is in line with the rose concept to create romance and grace in a curvy line rolling in an asymmetric spinning circle, and make an inclined hanging light. Beneath the rose-like chandelier, display furniture is showing ceremonial models wearing its brand clothing. This is a classic treatment to a high end interior decoration, because display furniture can remove the feeling of a hotel hall or restaurant when it actually gets the high-end touch of grace from the decoration. There are two chandeliers in the store but different styles when effects are the same that in accord with the store taste. The first one on the front of the store is tassel form spinning and inclined with different length in each circle. The second one is using circle lights in several sizes to rotate to the same midpoint, adding science touch of geometry when also shaping a rose image. This one is installed in another fashion line of the brand in the same store. There are three fashion lines of the brand in the store. Once visitors go into the store, they would know immediately what notion the brand is pursuing for and will keep on pursuing such notion.

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Along the upper wall, curvy lines draw out the figure of petals of rose and divide the upper and lower part of the wall with concave design to the lower part, using lights inside, it visualize very obvious the curvy petals design and standout the grace figure of rose. It is a very excellent way to make the appearance of a design advantage into reality. Effects are great for a delicate and sophisticated design. Most of all, this decoration is very closely stick to the brand notion. A grace and strengthen way to remind the rose concept.

One of these elaborate arrangements is the models of elegance figures posing in welcome gestures. Models are all in a vivid behaviors of ladies with warm and easy emotion. Even the models are designed elaborately to cater for the major notion. It is a very smart arrangement.

Most parts of the store are decorating with vertical lines that suggest a touch of bright feeling and weekend alluring. Especially, brand line of Ellassay Weekend is furnished with vertical lines all the upper part of the wall. This design stands out the weekend spirit of dynamism and brightness.  

There are VIP fitting rooms in both Ellassay and Ellassay First zones. This design embraces a high-lined brand and a service that customers of this brand are merit. In VIP rooms, there are walk-in wardrobe with extensive hanging area, make-up tables and space for having a rest.

The design is a bested move that brings a fresh air to the brand when consists with its previous style of grace and romance as a rose.

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Post time: Jul-01-2017


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