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Display skills of optical display furniture

Good glasses display  has the role of recognition and enhancement on the brand image and corporate image. At the same time through the display of glasses to create a good sales environment.


Attention to the display of glasses display cabinets:

Violent sunlight will make the surface of the glasses show a faded, directly affect the durability of the display cabinet. So no matter what kind of material used to manufacture, display cabinets can not be placed next to the window for a long time. Especially in the west side of the room to avoid placing.


The desktop of the cash register should be below the elbows to facilitate the activities. The cabinet at the top of the distance from the ground should not exceed 2 meters. If the display cabinet has two layers, the first layer is the best design to head up to see the objects placed as the ideal height. the second layer is to hand lift can take things better design.

 glasses display furniture

Lighting on the market are mostly pendant lamp, ceiling lamp must be used properly. If the store is too low, we should pay attention to the height of the pendant lamp, too low will hinder walking. The lamp is in the middle, and the light will be more average. As for the height of the pendant lamp, the most ideal distance with the desktop is about 50-60 cm. Too high, then it may be a feeling of glory, too low and will hit the head.


optical display furniture display, should be in the premise of maintaining glasses independent aesthetic. Through the art form that glasses ingenious layout, embraced each other to achieve the overall beauty of artistic effect. Display method to novel and unique, decoration Shoufang attention to detail design clever, has an irresistible attraction to consumers. Pay attention to a certain aesthetic principle, beautiful, generous, symmetry, coordination, but also the appropriate use of a number of accessories, and so on, the full use of artistic means to show the beauty of the glasses.


In order to attract consumers and for consumers to visit and purchase, retail stores should be according to the characteristics of glasses, flexibility in the choice of glasses exhibition site, exhibition space, placements, stacking method and so on. The purpose is to let the product self-explanatory.


About the various explanatory information of glasses showcase, such as price, item, fabrics, brand, producing area, should comprehensive and true, is convenient for consumers to fully understand merchandise glasses.


Glasses belong to the purchase of goods, consumers want to buy when there is more opportunity to choose, so as to their quality, style, color, price and other carefully compared. In the display glasses need orderly, goods complete, rich, so that consumers feel a great choice. And there’s a thriving feeling in the store.


According to the consumer’s psychological requirements and shopping habits, for the same species or the same series of glasses display rack should be displayed in the same location. Display the height to be suitable for the consumer to watch the feelings, improve the visibility of the glasses and the positive visual effects.

glasses display furniture

Post time: Nov-04-2016


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