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Dior background makeup concept boutique opened in Hangzhou Vientiane City

Linkshop Business News: on September 8, Dior background make-up concept boutique shop was opened in Hangzhou Vientiane City opened.


Dior background make-up concept boutique shop uses the show field music as the background music, with the background exclusive atmosphere, the screen broadcasts the latest development of Dior, the entire store area is around 150 square meters.


Dior background make-up concept boutique use the new store lintel to attract customers, and a blend of classic makeup series and fashion limited new products, blending Zhen beauty makeup.

“Boutique” also divided the perfume and skin care of their own exclusive display area, experiencing Dior three station of luxury beauty: the first stop: beauty covenant. Boutiques make-up design looks like that Dior is the epitome of fashion background, together with the new story big screen, relating Dior girl unique charm. Here, the most professional make-up artist invite you to experience the forefront fashion Dior-style colorful makeup.


The second stop: perfume covenant. Perfume area is decorated with exquisite decoration, which is full of rich French luxury atmosphere.

The third stop: the skin covenant. The other side of the counter skin care area is clean and comfortable, in order to provide customers the most careful professional services.

It is reported that when all of Dior new make-up products launched in the domestic, the boutique will be earlier 7-15 days than the counter.

Previously, Dior background make-up concept boutique is still opened Chengdu Vientiane City.


Post time: Sep-09-2017


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