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Design of Culture Coalescence for Middle East and France in Nuun Jewels Store

Nuum Jewels opened a Jewels store in Middle East. As a luxury and exquisite brand, it is no doubt that Nuum Jewels has its unique and professional plan for such a new store in an environment of new culture.

When a French romantic concept meets Middle East which is rich in cash, designers in charge of the project would have to strain their nerve and be adept and creative, Regardless that the Jewel brand owner, Nourah Al Faisal had given them a concept to follow. The concept designated was culture coalescence between Middle Eastern influences and French style, a standard concept for nowadays of stores. And at last, the project shows a perfect solution teaming up colors of pink, gold and white in the room. Lights directly shine from the jewel cabinets and the arch wall displaying jewels in acrylic cabinet is painted white to strengthen the sight of jewels. Store is separated into several spaces with arches standing alternate and interval on a line on one side. The main identity of Nuum Jewels will be blended into the project, which features a double skin partition that runs along the walls. In space surrounding by arches, walls are all painted white with gold fixtures to give a touch of Middle Eastern and outstand the simple design of the space. Space here looks more spacious and bright. In this way, jewels on display get more attention. Arches derive from Middle Eastern culture and partition colors of pink red with gold make French style.

Behind the arches standing in line on one side, there are spare passages for intimate views of the jewels. Just as displaying in a traditional jewel store, jewels here display in transparent acrylic showcases lining along the back of arches. In such a space, the three colors have not any chance to be missed. Softness and warm ambiance are dedicated here. Coordinating with pink red arches, Gold pillars standing to support the celling stress white floor and wall so that they are highlighted and make brightness to give a view of spacious sight and to light the attraction of the jewels.

Now we come to the main boutique room. Colors here have gradation which is arranged in a perfect match and an ease and peaceful ambiance is formed. The powder pink on wall is softened with lights fit behind the double color wall but the same color under display cases maintains its original powder pink. Gold fixtures in this room give a merit of graceful and prudent element. Glass wall alternating gold and silver panels separates the room. It gives refection inside and outside and, in addition, adds brightness and spaciousness as it is important for a store to get its products more light for flexible view. The rest area is set with a powder pink chair to transit the tone in the room and it successfully merges the other furniture into the space in peace.

This Nuum Jewels Store is designed well to follow its brand concept and identity. To keep the same identity in stores for a brand maybe easy, but to have a creative and well coalescent style in different cultures as well is not. jewls-store-showcase-design-creative solution-ex factory price-exporter

Post time: Aug-13-2017


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