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Custom jewelry counters need to pay attention to several key conditions

Jewelry counters can give customers the most direct impression. The use of suitable color, decoration techniques, lighting it can attract the attention of customers. In the design and manufacture should pay attention to four details.

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We know that custom jewelry counters should be arranged according to the size and space of the site. We will provide the most accurate measurement, the most appropriate design. Display cabinet can be produced very simple and concise, can also be distinguished and elegant effect. In the design of the environment not only meet the route allocation, but also to reconcile the environment and space consolidation. That is the design skill, but also a great challenge.

Good jewelry counter is not only on the surface to attract visual benefits. And should also be convenient in transportation, installation, establishment process. This requires the counter in the performance and handling part can do the most perfect effect. Of course, it is best to use standardization, serialization based. The joint method is mainly composed and assembled. This is both functional satisfaction with the needs of shopping malls or jewelry stores, but also to save labor and most of the funds.

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A company’s inner civilization and jewelry brands can be inherent in the perfect performance jewelry counters is not a good factor to consider. Therefore it needs to reconcile and jewelry display cabinet designer design right surface and logo and agreed, unified and structured color, even if the complex can let a person feel chaotic, affiliated colors are not overwhelming, all to the brand culture as the main line.

Material selection is also one of the key elements of display cabinet success. With the development of science and technology, the future society and market demand is more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, safe materials and accessories. LED lighting selection and deployment, manufacturing engineering technology and raw materials selection should be based on local space, relying on the intuitive feelings of businesses as a basis for consideration.

In addition novel jewelry counter can recruit attract more customers, and bring customers a good mood. Just let us design according to customer’s viewpoint. The design should be creative, it can resonate with consumers.

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Post time: Feb-13-2017


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