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Cosmetics showcase introduction

 Cosmetics showcase is mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets and other stores display of cosmetics, it can used for cosmetic storage, with the pretty appearance and strong function, it also have the effect of advertising. cosmetic display stand  can provide a better platform for brand .

The material of cosmetic display showcase:

makeup display stands (1)

1.MDF material:The advantage is that the structure can be adjusted, and can make a variety of design results.and the material price is not very high.The disadvantage is that the material is heavy, it is not suitable for remove.

2.Acrylic material:about acrylic material of cosmetics showcase,it have advantages of a transparent crystal effect. The disadvantage is that the material is heavy, fragile, and the price is expensive.

3.Glass material:It has the advantage of low material prices, with a transparent effect.The disadvantage is that the material is heavy and fragile.

If you want to purchasing a satisfactory cosmetic display showcase, please contact FM store fixture manufacturer.we will provide you professional design and suggestions.

Post time: Oct-20-2016


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