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Cosmetics showcase : about the different display way

 Many merchant will think about a problem about how to make our cosmetic display showcase display more beautiful? If according to the type of structure to classification: it can be divided into suite type, detachable type, all assembled type, plug-in type, monomer combination type , a specific public type such six kinds of structure.

suite type –This type is refer to Chinese traditional furniture in the set, set table, stool and other construction methods. Specifications are made from small to large sizes of square piers (a series of five faces). Or a few of the different shapes and sizes. According to the change in size, height, combination will be varied. If you do not need to use it,you can put small pieces to large pieces. The space occupied by just the largest table area. It can make full use of the space, reduce the occupied storage or transportation space.

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detachable type — It is made of wood, glass, stainless steel and other parts. It is a display showcase can be separated and assembled.

All assembled type — Because the first generation of props can not change the structure, size, shape. If the display cabinet is no longer used, you need to find a place to store or separate space, with these materials and then made into other display props. This is a waste of space, and the production of the display cabinet is not beautiful.

plug-in type– It is composed of various specifications of the size of the plate plug-in. It can be decomposed to become a showcase, display cabinets, display case, display rack, display shelf, signage and a variety of different uses of a display of props.

Monomer combination type —First of all, we need to design at least one single display props, and then use these monomers to show the assembly of the assembly (more than two monomer). And then form a new display of the shape and size of the new show props. This type of display is more suitable for use in exhibitions, museum display and window layout.

specific public type –Due to the special nature of the product, as a display of the display of the exhibits. This is only suitable for it, and not suitable for other products show. This kind of display cabinet way is not much but specific showcase.

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Post time: Feb-20-2017


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