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Concept store of Room features translucent shelves designed by Maincourse Architect in Thailand

The designer gets inspiration from the work room of designers to design such a concept store for Room. It is the original place that borne and developed the design course which has its goal to lead visitors to a cozy environment where they can enjoy a mysterious and exciting tour around the three long passages in the store, as well as to explore the exquisite and creative craftsmanship of the goods displayed on the shelves in a delight mood without any burden. The designer from Maincourse Architect gives Room a wonderful work that details perfectly in a comprehensive aspect the items list on the shelves.

The major challenge is how to streamline these variety kinds of goods in different shapes and weights, so that the store can be formed a harmony environment and achieves an excellent work of goods display. To address such a barrier, designer needs to discard sorts of appearances of these goods and keep in mind to merge the three narrow rows of display. In such a limit space, display areas are separated into three districts and kept in a circulation flexible for flow of visitors. Two of them connect to each other. In consider of the table and chair which acquire more space to settle, a district on the side of the store is dedicated to serve it with efforts to make an upper platform, where resemble to a duplex space of living room. The platform for displaying table and chairs is in the duplex form with wooden staircases to lead visitors go up to the platform. The floor of the platform is made of wood, the same with the ground floor. The platform sits mainly simple and easy but fashionable styles of tables and chairs just as leisure terrace, dining room or lounge at home. And below the platform, tables and chairs are placed along with other specialties. It adds a new view and interesting for exploration.

The other two districts lining up two rows of display shelves are mainly the same design. Shelves are made of translucent polycarbonate sheets joint by structural teal wood. Teal woods are designed to work as joints to tightly and solidly assemble polycarbonate sheets and also easy to be disassembled when it is needed to match up with the sizes of different items. The application of such show cases makes it very flexible for the owners to manage problems of display and lower the cost for reconstruction. It helps a lot to compromise in a limit space with most items that are for sale and keeps sundries in order. In order to support weight of items in display, Polycarbonate sheets are put into two metal rods. The translucent polycarbonate sheets can reflect the visitors strolling along so that others people around have the knowledge where passage around are crowed or not and are able to enjoy their shopping time without an effort to worry about the traffic. In light of the view, translucent polycarbonate sheets do well with it that these translucent shelves allow people to have a feeling that space inside and outside are connected and so are the long passage among display rows and the duplex platform. No instant information of the whole store are seen at a glance but a mysterious spirit is kept for the visitors.  item showcases-fine works-easy assemble cases-shopping-store decoration

Post time: Jul-24-2017


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