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Catering top enterprises profit increases significantly, net profit rose year-on-year growth 28.8% last year


retail store showcaseChina Cooking Association recently released the “2016 annual China top 100 restaurants and five hundred stores analysis report” shows that in the case that the development of the food industry was steady slowing down, the key enterprises were rising, revenue growth accelerated, Increased profitability, strong driving force for development.


In 2016, the top 100 catering enterprises total operating income is 218.17 billion, an increase of 7.4%, accelerating 5 percentage points faster than 2015, the shortlisted threshold level of top 100 enterprises has also increased by 0.7%. Catering top 500 stores total operating income grew 8.6%, enhancing nearly 1 percentage point than the previous year.


The report shows that the centralized pattern of catering industry is relatively stable. there are 4 enterprises among the 2016 top 100 enterprises whose operating income are more than 5 billion, 20 enterprises revenue are between 2 billion and 5 billion. The top 30 companies accounted for 66.8% of the total revenue.


As an industry of fully competitive level, food industry concentration has always been low. In 2016, catering business income accounted for only 6.1% of the national food and beverage revenue, continuing to fall 0.7 percentage points than the proportion of the previous year, and the slip amplitude has increased. All the small and medium-sized distinctive restaurants are popular with consumers, the development is prosperous.


With the food and beverage market is in steady development trend after recovery, the pace of catering enterprises expansion is also stabilization. In the year of 2016, 70.1% of the top 100 enterprises open stores, the hot pot, coming out from 2015 poor state, the performance of eye-catching Western food and casual food are gradually opening new markets steadily. There are also 22.1% top 100 enterprises have closed some poor performance stores.

Post time: Jul-14-2017


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