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As a wine store, Soif d’ailleurs gets a fresh functional style which embodies professional marketing.

Soif d’ailleurs is a wine boutique with square of 140m² in France. All of its wine is imported from other countries around the world. There is a shortcoming to the store. It gets a low ceiling and that imposes limit on design of interior architecture. But for a romantic country, people here are full of ideas and approaches as to make things become magic and art work. The wine store -Soif d’ailleurs are made here and it turned out without disappointment. The space is separated into three sections for different functions, including sections of wine displaying and selling on the street in the front of the store; of bar counter that next to the selling section for wine tasting and of consumer reception in the far interior end. With few decorations but featuring craft wood, the store gets a simplistic and chic fashion that implies a preference of nature character that is sober and elegant. Architecture designer had kept in touch with the store owner to ensure an ideal yet practical interior plan for the wine store. After all, its ultimate and vital application is get a good marketing.

All display shelves and other furniture is made of oak wood and specifically designed for this space, bearing a luxury style which is concord with the convention fashion that wine is family to wood. Wood is applied most here for the product is wine and wine gets a quality of luxury and a favor to middle class and the rich. Assembly of oak wood is perfect for such kind of product and meanwhile, wood fixture has its tradition culture since ancient time. Wood furniture is in simple style.

Section on the street is for wine displaying. Wood showcases are made into Checks and wine can be stored with several bottles of it in a check so that every check can be seen bottles of wine and Checks of a shelves case can store a lot of them. Such showcase is simple and elegance without waste any empty space.

Section two in the middle of the store is a bar stand with its back next to the first section. This section provides customers a casual but elegant way to taste the wine and a good method for wine selection. On its right hand, a display case is unique and creative in its way of display that is exclusively for bar in such section. Bottles in wine are listed in lines with their heads hanging to the wall of the display wood case and their bottom goes to the front. The lower part of the wood case is just like the first section. So that is a cool design.

Section three in the deep interior is a reception area for customers to know more about the products and make purchase. Tables and chairs are made of wood that give a sense of nostalgia and luxury. It is comfortable if anyone gets tired after shopping around and then they will visit the store and stay long at the table, which is a good chance for wine marketing.  design-wood shelf-wine showcases-export-China factory-display furniture

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Post time: Apr-03-2018


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