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An experiment concept applied by Nightingale to attract consumers to visit the store of Asport Scoop (86)

As a professional retailer selling sports outfit like sneaker, sport clothing, and an energetic promoter of trendy lifestyle in such industry, Asport Scoop (86) based on Luxembourg applied a new concept of a type of combination, which is still in a pilot stage, in an attempt to attract more customers to visit the shop more frequently and in longer time, and provide a more personalized individual purchases experience and create a location of a cultural community so that their brand can sustain more vitally. Still, holding a slogan of a sneaker club as the new experimental concept, Asport will explore further to achieve better accomplishment. Allegedly, such move of experimental practice for new concept is totally new to locals, but it makes sense for being more likely a sneaker club than a sneaker store for Scoop (86).

Clubs are more vigorous and easy for people to visit, so does this store with new experiment concept: A combination with retail business and energetic club. It is sure that the owner of the store is inclusive and professional with bold mind when modern style varies very fast in these days. An idea of bringing and making the visitors immersing in the story of designer sports shoes is wonderful and can play the marketing in full extend.  

Part of the decoration use futurist pattern of white octagonal tiles. that can be observed through the glass wall along the street. Pass-by on street can discern an energetic and mighty furnishing like this. In addition, diligent woven wooden floor and rough-touch concrete wall for displaying shoes would add an intensive dynamism. Sport outfit in this shop would look more delicate in its workmanship with such a powerful design that shows a dynamic appeal. It certainly unfolds a culture to worship sports. A design that clinch tightly to its sport title and dynamic concept as well as marketing its products in escalating the display culture is a goal stores are pursuing for.

Connect to the open-plan space; the lounge forms an environment of warm, bright and pleasant tune that characterizes elements of Scandinavian design. Such a deliberate room is supposed to invite customer to record down their exclusive, distinct information on their purchases. As a result, environment with multi-function and size of variety can very likely form a strong appeal to visitors and immerse them in this flexible and casual arrangement. Every month, the store will launch new models of sneakers and sport outfits with new design by preeminent designer.

In the center of this fine arranged space, consumers would stroll along glancing over in a mini-gallery that built with an audience passage where interprets insight of the design and manufacturing workmanship of every quality and good taste of sneakers and insight of dynamic products selling there. 

Scoop (86) is confident that it has an advanced and rational sense for development of retail business and pursues a creative business running experience to offer consumers better life style of shopping. Scoop (86) here has cooperate with designer Eltipo as an independent designer.


Post time: Jul-15-2017


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