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Aesop’s new store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side designed by Tacklebox

Succinct design succeeds from the store’s previous furnishing of clothing shelves in a family-run store. Designed by Tacklebox Architecture, the new store features its combination of new style and legacy of the remaining styles the store was left. Wall on both sides with the clothing shelves design have been preserved and transformed into a mix of styles of new content and other history left behind. It seems a generous and bold move to adapt the modern touch of freedom creation endeavors. Yet Tacklebox Architecture is totally the style. Located on Columbus Avenue, According to Tacklebox founder Jeremy Barbour’s remark, Aesop was planned elaborately for decorating in its new store. Jeremy Barbour had partnered with Aesop for 6 stores across the US over the past few years.

 To the new store outside, little change was made when the design company overhauled the store inside. The area inside is 700-square-foot (65-square-metre). All walls around the room are lined with lengthwise bamboo-like strip that made of pine plywood. Such an overhaul stands out a tide image which is identical with the style of goods outer appearance. Background is brushed to white wall to suit the design. Shelves are a history mark sustained from the previous life and covered by the vertical strips. Strips strengthen an obvious sight of the protruding line of shelves and differ from being blurred to disappear. Shelves in clothing hanger shape are just in good place for showing bottles of products lining in row. Service counters to the back of the store are also striped up in the same style. In the light of black image of the goods, store is overhauled to be a manner of simple fashion without dark color added to and keeps plain in light color to have a low tone. Things around covered in bamboo-like strips give a feeling of sedate but clean, leading to a totally good match to the theme and concept of the shop of the owner. The other areas like ceiling and the floor are light away with plain shade to avoid a presumptuous guest usurp the host’s role. Visitors can easily focus on goods without being led away by any distraction.

The same fixture of a sink with a freestanding vintage basin equipped upon big taps and pipes is set here like the others of Aesop’s stores. Distinguish to barbershop, salon and launder, Aesop heirs the tradition of safeguarding the break in the room that transits between public and private when store wasn’t overhauled. So people here can freely operate, maintain, restore and renew such space.  As an old partner to Aesop store, Tacklebox’s had used the same tact to design for Aesop’s store full of copper accents descended from a whiskey warehouse in San Francisco. Efforts are made by Aesop to stand out its brand and built up for brand to be a unique and exclusive sign in its store. By sustaining such a design tradition and taking advantage of Tacklebox’s specialized skills, Aesop has lasted its history and made progress in the meanwhile.    Aesop store-shelves design-salon display shelves-shampoo showcases-store shelves

Post time: Jul-11-2017


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