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Accelerate the layout, Run Art retail will open three new beauty shops in the second half year



Linkshop Business News: Following the successful opening of the first beauty shop, Sun Art retail began to accelerate layout. At present, Sun Art retail has opened two beauty shops, one is in RT-Mart in Ningbo, another is in Auchan in Suzhou. In August 9 interim results announcement, Sun Art retail mentioned “three new beauty shops will be opened in the second half of this year.”


In fact, as early as the 2016 annual report, Sun Art retail once mentioned that “through cooperation with other companies, the Group is expected to open two to three major business products in South Korea beauty shop.” In the performance briefing in February this year, Sun Art retail CEO Bruno Mercier also revealed that “the company will try beauty shop and convenience store in the future.”


In less than three months, opened by the Sun Art Retail and South Korea XinLuo duty-free joint venture out of the import cosmetics franchise first stores “LLABEAU Leibi” in Ningbo Beilun R-T Mart made a formal appearance. Since then, the second store in Suzhou Auchan is also opened.


“Link Business Network” learned that the first beauty shop takes black and white tones, black door head, white light boxes, due to the support of Xinluo duty-free shops resource to the Korean brand basically occupied the store most of the goods, Yi Si, Mamonde, Jart, Skinfood, Tony charm, Isoi and other common Korean purchasing brands are on the shelves.


In fact, before the opening of the first beauty shop, Sun Art retail also set up a special joint venture company. According to information, Shanghai Tongluo Trading Co., Ltd., founded by Sun Art Retail and Silla is set up on January 19th , 2017. It is engaged in the import of cosmetics store and stores in China, Taiwan, Japan, Europe, America, Australia, Korea and other countries. The company brand, LLABEAU, conveys the vision of customers who want to keep their skin as smooth as jade.


In addition, the “business network” also learned that there are two main channel for Leibi purchasing. One is from the Chinese brand general agent purchase; another is directly from the Korean brand side purchase. In addition to South Korea’s cosmetics, Leibi also has other imported brands, such as FREENLUS, Za, HadaLabo , Morita Roberta and Bioderma and so on.


There will be three new stores in the second half year, which also indicates that the previously plan “2017 in the East China region opened five stores first” will be successfully completed. The next five years, Sun Art retail is expected to open 150 US beauty stores in our whole country.

Post time: Aug-11-2017


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