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  • by admin on Jun-28-2017

    Stash bagshop makes a hit once it releases photos of the shop interior furnishing, it is a new eye-catching. A bag shop without any shopping shelves, bag showcases, display cabinets. Mainly red color bush in the indoor with distinguish U curve joining between the celling and the walls and hanging...Read more »

  • by admin on Jun-26-2017

    Bearing a debt more than 6 billion USD, Neiman announced a sale plan,, including shoes shelves, display cabinet, showcases. Before that it had plan to negotiate with Saks Fifth Avenue owner Hudson’s Bay a potential combination but it seemed didn’t goes well. Facing stiff competition from Amazon.c...Read more »

  • by admin on Jun-22-2017

    In last month, May, Coach which is in business of Men’s clothing, luxury showcase and clothing racks offer a tender to acquire Kate Spade in an effort to strive its strategic business scheme as well as making the Kate Spade more appealing and broader “lifestyle assortment.” Another investor...Read more »

  • by admin on Jun-20-2017

    Tesco is trying to keep up its pace of growth expectation after sales show a weak result. Though market condition is tough recently, the like-for-like offering fresh foods on supermarket shelves had sales grew in a row for six consecutive quarters. Consumer income becomes low due to inflation. I...Read more »

  • by admin on Jun-19-2017

    British markets have encapsulated the diversity of communities and skills the city has to offer. Now they are up to the key point of change in its long run history. With phenomena of concerns about footfall decreasing and rising cost of renting floor space, the markets in British simply seems dow...Read more »

  • by admin on Jun-15-2017

    The current Next trade report disappointed shareholders with profit drop by 2.5% in the past three months and share downed as many as 5%. Its prediction over the annual profit was also cut on the top to £680 to £740 from £680 to £780. Next news statement indicated that Next clothes on racks ...Read more »

  • by admin on Jun-03-2017

    The development of Domestic commercial real estate is explosive. The mode, such as Single mode, lake of creation, residence support trade, emphasizing on sales and adopting main stores in the shopping mall jewelry kiosk design, has become a main stream. According to the statistic, the top 10 citi...Read more »

  • by admin on May-26-2017

    If you have a Retail Store Design  for cosmetic or jewelry , please tell me the retail store floor size, ceiling height, your ideas and style, with photo of the shop!So that I can better understand your needs. Our website is: There are 4000+ style pictures on the website for yo...Read more »

  • by admin on Apr-13-2017

       English Guide of the Canton Fair Metro Line 8 passes Canton Fair Complex. Take metro from Exit A of Metro Xingangdong Station to Section A of the fair complex, or from Exit A or Exit B of Metro Pazhou Station to Section B of Fair Complex, or westward approximately 300 meters from Exit C of Paz...Read more »

  • by admin on Mar-13-2017

      How to improve the performance of jewelry stores? 1, clean and tidy appearance The salesperson’s appearance is the first impression to the customer of the jewelry showcases. If the clothing is not clean and tidy, easy to leave the negative impression to people that the store is not clean....Read more »

  • by admin on Mar-12-2017

    Our factory has launched an anti-theft jewelry display showcase. It can help you protect your jewelry from being stolen. Ultra clear and transparent tempered glass can also help you display jewelry products. If you are operating a high-end jewelry store, I believe that our high-end jewelry showc...Read more »

  • by admin on Mar-09-2017

      Jewelry is what every woman needs. This is not only a woman’s love of his performance, to a certain extent, it is a symbol of the embodiment of the noble. With the continuous improvement of women’s aesthetic vision, and now more and more women in jewelry consumption in this area is ...Read more »

  • by admin on Mar-06-2017

      For a cosmetics sales staff, how to make their products to attract consumers in the first time? Although the influence of the brand is an important aspect, but if you want to attract the eye of consumers, cosmetics store fixtures display methods and effects also affect people’s desire to ...Read more »

  • by admin on Feb-23-2017

      In many of the display shelves, clothing store fixtures is the most familiar. In order to attract the vast number of consumers, clothing businesses should not only pay attention to the style and material of clothing. Also pay more attention to the effect of clothing display rack. In the design ...Read more »

  • by admin on Feb-21-2017

    Come to China, the range of choice is more than you expected!   In recent years, China’s labor costs are rising, the price advantage has become part of the product and no longer obvious. More international buyers will look to India and other alternative countries.   In fact,understandi...Read more »

  • by admin on Feb-20-2017

     Many merchant will think about a problem about how to make our cosmetic display showcase display more beautiful? If according to the type of structure to classification: it can be divided into suite type, detachable type, all assembled type, plug-in type, monomer combination type , a specific pu...Read more »

  • by admin on Feb-16-2017

      How to get out of the ordinary store fixtures and have more unique features? It has a close relationship with the showcase colors. Different colors to showcase has different atmosphere, here have some experience want to share with you: Pink: it is the best interpretation of the tender. It is th...Read more »

  • by admin on Feb-13-2017

    Jewelry counters can give customers the most direct impression. The use of suitable color, decoration techniques, lighting it can attract the attention of customers. In the design and manufacture should pay attention to four details. We know that custom jewelry counters should be arranged accord...Read more »

  • by admin on Nov-22-2016

     Around us, it seems that we have often heard all kinds of furniture and store fixtures , just because heard too much, everyone in mind will naturally want to know furniture and showcase existence which difference, and what use do they have for their own, just wanted to clarify the concept of fur...Read more »

  • by admin on Nov-18-2016

     When some of the shops, shopping malls in the purchase of clothes display rack, do not know emphatically pay attention to what factors, following are some suggestions from FM store fixture manufacturer, the successful clothing store fixtures need do flowing points: Full and reasonable use of s...Read more »

  • by admin on Nov-17-2016

     As one of the most professional showcase manufacturers in Guangzhou, we can custom made all kinds of display showcase such as jewelry display cases ,cosmetic display stand,clothing store fixtures, store display kiosk and so on. About material,we usually according to different customer’s requirem...Read more »

  • by admin on Nov-16-2016

     Have had to buy a display shelf experienced procurement staff will have a feeling, why store fixtures looks like a humble, the price will be so high? Why the same size of the display cabinet because of different materials, its price is different? In fact, the issue of the price of the display ca...Read more »

  • by admin on Nov-11-2016

     Showcase store fixtures production tips are as follows: establish a corporate image: As the carrier of the brand showcase, showcase is the company’s image. The company can also though the showcase to display their corporate image, then the effect of showcase is self-evident. Improve sales...Read more »

  • by admin on Nov-04-2016

    Professional customized makeup display stand for sale manufacturer will analyze the market to meet the personalized cosmetics brand positioning. They have the low-end market which depends on the number to win , but also to the middle class fashion women dominated the high-end make-up brand. Cosm...Read more »

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